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SEN Teacher

Tenby Schools Setia Eco Gardens
Johor, Malaysia
Date Added: Sep 11, 2023

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SEN Teacher

Purpose of Role

We are looking for a compassionate special education teacher with experience teaching students with special needs. The ideal candidate will be patient, innovative, and organized.

To be successful as a special education teacher you should be committed to helping students, offering support to overcome practical obstacles to their learning.

Key Responsibilities

  • To prioritise at all times the safety and wellbeing of all students in line with Tenby Setia Eco Gardens’ commitment to safeguarding
  • To assess prospective students with possible special educational needs during the admissions process and determine whether a conditional offer is appropriate.
  • To communicate the requirements of any conditional offer to prospective parents and confirm this in the conditional offer letter.
  • To hold a termly review meeting with all families of a child on a conditional offer to review their progress, how well we are meeting their needs, any areas for discussion and to agree next steps including whether to confirm the offer.
  • To set up a referral process for existing students and carry out assessments as appropriate in identifying any additional learning needs they may have and how we can support them.
  • To support and advise all teachers on how to maximise the progress and attainment of each student with additional learning needs including appropriate teaching and learning strategies.
  • To maintain a campus-wide SEN register of students.
  • To gather appropriate data on the progress and attainment of all students on the SEN register so that the impact of our provision for them can be measured.
  • To create Individual Education Plans (IEPs) for all students with a diagnosed special educational need which capture the in-school provision, out-of-school provision and family support agreed to meet their needs.
  • To liaise with teachers on the implementation of each student's IEP including providing advice and support on the use of recommended strategies and how to monitor progress.
  • To regularly monitor the progress of each student's IEP and take action as necessary to amend, adjust or address issues in conjunction with teachers.
  • To carry out monitoring of the progress and attainment of all students with special educational needs and the quality of our SEN provision, including but not limited to learning visits, learning walks, staff and student interviews, data analysis.
  • To review IEPs on a termly basis with student, teachers and parents.
  • To carry out appropriate assessments in support of the creation of each student's IEP and as otherwise needed.
  • To contribute to termly school reports on all students on the SEN pupil register, reporting on their progress, attainment and personal wellbeing.
  • To communicate with external agencies as appropriate.
  • To oversee the work of PLAs (personal learning assistants) including induction, safeguarding training, quality assurance and liaison with parents.
  • To collaborate with all parties supporting the student both internally & externally to ensure good communication, appropriate sharing of information and high-quality decision making in the best interests of the student.
  • To give students appropriate feedback and support on their progress and attainment.
  • To take responsibility for one's own professional development in the knowledge and skills needed to meet the learning needs of all students with special educational needs in school.
  • To participate in staff development and training opportunities as provided by the school.
  • To meet with parents as and when needed to discuss student progress and attainment.
  • To take part in the school's performance management cycle.

Skills, Qualifications and Experience

  • Appropriate degree and teaching qualification e.g. Bachelor’s Degree with teaching qualification, PGDT/Diploma in Education OR relevant degree.
  • At least two (2) years of teaching experience in teaching in supporting students with special educational needs


Essential Requirements:

  • Experience working in a school environment with SEN students.
  • Knowledge of effective teaching and learning strategies for students with special education needs.
  • The ability to train and support teaching staff in the use of appropriate teaching and learning strategies for SEN students.
  • The ability to confidently and effectively communicate with all in the school community and beyond.
  • Able to collaborate positively and professionally with colleagues and other relevant professionals within and beyond the school.
  • A firm commitment to achieving the school’s mission, vision and values.
  • Excellent command of English – written and spoken.
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality and exercise discretion in handling sensitive information about our families.
  • A professional and positive manner at all times.
  • Must be flexible and adaptable in a busy school environment.
  • Integrity in always prioritising student wellbeing and learning.
  • Honesty and respect in all dealings with students, staff, parents and others involved in the support of our students.


Desirable Requirements:

  • Ability to speak at least one other language – preferably Bahasa, Mandarin Chinese, Korean or Japanese.

Ability to support SEN students for SPM examination (National Curriculum) preparation- Personalised task and assessment to meet with MOE requirement.


What we offer:

  • Competitive salary
  • Medical outpatient and insurance benefits
  • Personal Accident insurance coverage
  • Generous contributions to an Employee Provident Fund (EPF)
  • Fee reduction for children of employees


Tenby Schools Setia Eco Gardens

Tenby Schools Setia Eco Gardens opened its doors in 2013 and is part of ISP’s dynamic network of schools across the globe. We offer a premium education choice located in an upcoming suburban township in Johor for Early Years, Primary and Secondary-aged students.  Our 19-acre state-of-the-art green campus offers space and a wide range of facilities for children to explore their full potential.  Our purpose-built campus and spacious grounds, complete with modern and well-equipped facilities provide a welcoming, inclusive and exciting work environment.  With a strong emphasis on constant improvement and active participation in such activities, our students are provided with numerous opportunities to gain meaningful experiences.  We celebrate being Asian and love the fact that we combine international thinking to create a diverse and exciting campus.

Tenby Schools Setia Eco Gardens is comprised of Tenby International School Setia Eco Gardens which offers a British education up to the IGCSE level, and Sekolah Tenby Setia Eco Gardens which offers the Malaysian National Curriculum at the Secondary level. The school caters to students aged 3 to 17 years from around the world. The school is focused on the holistic development of the students that attend to become global citizens that have the skills and confidence to compete globally.

Our campus is designed to support a diverse range of co-curricular activities including the arts, sports and other intellectually stimulating activities.   Whilst our schools are recognised for excellent academic achievements, we understand that effective learning is more than just academic achievement. We hold firmly to nurturing the whole person and meeting our students’ physical, mental and emotional needs to develop valuable life skills for success.   

We love learning and we are continually getting better. We value being self-reflective, so we can self-improve together to create amazing learning experiences.

ISP in Malaysia

ISP operates Asia Pacific Schools, Straits International Schools and Tenby Schools where we are strategically located covering the Klang Valley, Perak, Penang and Johor within Malaysia. Our experience in educational excellence helps us provide amazing learning experiences for students as young as 3 years up to 18 years old.  The nine (9) ISP schools in Malaysia follow the international school curriculum comprising IGCSE and A-levels, starting at the kindergarten level, while five (5) of the schools also offer the Malaysian National Curriculum.  While the national and international schools and classrooms are separated, facilities and non-curricular activities are shared between the schools.  With over 8,000 students, we have a 60-year history in the country providing education to students and have gained a reputation for excellence and high standards in education.

What unites all ISP schools is a common purpose of enabling moments of Amazing Learning, where a student goes beyond the level they thought possible and amaze themselves with the progress they make. We believe that by providing our students opportunities to learn through a good struggle, they will develop the perseverance and resilience necessary to independently overcome any challenges that lie in their way.

Our approach to learning: We put learners and learning first

With 85% of the jobs that will be available in 2030 having not even been invented yet, we put learning at the heart of everything we do to create rounded open-minded, curious, confident individuals who can forge successful pathways and lives, in a rapidly changing world.

At ISP, everyone is a learner. So as one of our members of the school, you are also a learner. Your ability to embrace and model a growth and development mindset, demonstrating a desire to learn and build on your capabilities, as well as fostering the learning and growth of your team, will be fundamental to your school’s success

How we work counts:

Our Principles

Begin with our children and students. Our children and students are at the heart of what we do. Simply, their success is our success. Wellbeing and safety are both essential for learners and learning. Therefore, we are consistent in identifying potential safeguarding issues and acting and following up on all concerns appropriately.

Treat everyone with care and respect. We look after one another, embrace similarities and differences and promote the well-being of self and others.

Operate effectively. We focus relentlessly on the things that are most important and will make the most difference. We apply school policies and procedures and embody the shared ideas of our community.

Learn continuously. Getting better is what drives us. We positively engage with personal and professional development and school improvement. We currently offer CPD-accredited professional learning courses to Senior & Middle Leaders.

ISP Leadership Competencies

You consistently demonstrate and role-model the ISP Leadership Competencies in all that you do.  


  • Collaboration. Takes an active part in leading their school or region; is cooperative and a genuine team player, developing positive, supportive relationships with colleagues to solve problems and maximise opportunities.  


  • Learning & Getting Better. Continually demonstrates personal commitment and passion for learning and getting better using evidence and feedback; supporting others in their continual learning, development and growth.  


  • Innovation Leadership. Is good at creating an environment where ideas for learning initiatives and services are generated and is able to motivate and inspire others through the process of creation through to completion. 


  • Outcome driven. Can be counted on to find solutions. Is consistently looking to exceed goals and is focused on KPIs.  


  • Resilience. Can deal with setbacks and challenges calmly and effectively.  


  • Community Focus. Is committed to meeting and exceeding the needs and expectations of our students and their families.  


  • Integrity & Ethical Management. Has the ability to work ethically and with integrity; helps others feel valued; upholds and models the ISP Vision, Purpose and Principles.  


  • Leading & Inspiring Others. Supports, encourages and inspires students, colleagues and teams so that they give their best.  


  • Understanding People. Is a very good judge of talent, can objectively articulate the strengths and motivations of people inside or outside the organisation. 


  • Influencing & Communication. Consistently informs, influences and inspires students, parents and colleagues through timely and effective communication. 


  • Agile. Responds and adapts to changing circumstances; manages and solves problems by providing solutions in a climate of ambiguity.  


  • Strategic, Commercial & Financial Awareness. Has the ability to apply understanding of the business and industry to improve effectiveness and profitability.  


  • Planning & Decision Making. Makes decisions on the best course of action and then plans, organises, prioritises and balances resources to achieve the desired outcome.  


  • Diversity & Equity. Has the sensitivity, awareness and skill to understand the values, behaviours, attitudes and practices across cultures that supports all children and adults to learn and work effectively. 


ISP Commitment to Safer Recruitment & Safeguarding Principles

ISP is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment. All post holders are subject to appropriate vetting procedures and satisfactory Criminal Background Checks or equivalent covering the previous 10 years’ employment history.


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