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Special Education Needs Coordinator (SENCO)

ISP Vietnam and Thailand
Phuket, Thailand
Date Added: Nov 16, 2023

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Purpose of role

To establish and implement policies, processes, and practices to ensure all enrolled students with learning differences and special educational needs are supported to access the curriculum appropriately.

To lead and mentor colleagues to empower them to support all students effectively.

To assist school leadership in developing long-term strategies related to admissions and ongoing identification and assessment of learner needs across the school.

Responsible to                                                                                                                                                    

The Cambridge and French Programme Principals 

Responsible for

The designated students on the LS/SEN register in the Primary School

Key Relationships: Heads and Assistant Heads of Primary and Secondary, Counsellor, Nurses, EAL coordinator and teachers, homeroom and subject teachers,


To actively support and promote the BCIS Mission, Vision and Values

To align teaching practices with the BCIS Learning Principles and best practices in supporting students with learning differences and special educational needs

To liaise with the teachers of the EAL Mainstream programmes as necessary for students with learning differences and individual needs who may be acquiring English as an additional language

To lead all learning support/ special educational needs teachers regarding transferring students between primary and secondary

To liaise with the school counsellor to ensure an holistic approach to student learning and well-being

To actively help promote a learning and teaching environment across the school in which all teachers actively support students with specific individual needs across the curriculum

To actively promote each student’s inclusion in the school community and access to the curriculum, facilities and extra-curricular activities.

Key tasks

Admissions and assessment

·       Conduct assessments according to best practice to ascertain whether the school can support the needs of the students applying to BCIS before admission.

·       Liaise effectively with EAL specialists to ensure assessments take into account the needs of multilingual learners and those students who may need language and learning support.

·       Meet with parents to feed back educational psychology reports and communicate about the services available at the school.

·       Ensure effective communication and guide senior leaders when placing a student with homeroom and subject teachers before the student’s first day.

·       Ensure all new students are entered into the LS/SEN register with immediate effect.

·       Ensure appropriate ongoing assessment practices are in place to monitor the progress of students on the LS/SEN register.

·       Use assessment outcomes to initiate further remedial action or put in place additional intervention through the SEN process.

·       Advise senior leaders if an individual student’s needs become too severe for the school personnel to manage effectively for the benefit of student learning and well-being.

·       Support home-school partnership and communication about issues related to non-admission or potential necessity for the family to select a different school for their child.

Leading Learning and Teaching for identified LS/SEN students

·       Ensure widespread dissemination and understanding of the LS/EN policy and all referral processes.

·       Oversee and advise on the deployment, of all mainstream teachers and Learning Assistants, to ensure that students with learning differences and special educational needs continue to be identified through appropriate assessment and observation procedures and that parents are advised promptly regarding an educational psychologist’s assessment as needed.

·       Provide training and development for all staff related to the specific learning needs present within the current cohort of students at BCIS.

·       Identify good practices and areas for development and take responsibility for creating an annual action plan as part of overall school improvement planning.

·       Communicate new developments in or research about SEN and best practices to all staff.

·       Establish a coherent partnership with class teachers whereby they are supported in meeting learners’ special and individual needs.

·       In conjunction with class teachers, oversee the planning and preparation of programmes that match children’s individual needs including behavioural plans with procedures for rewards and sanctions within the framework of the Learning Support/ SEN policy and school guidelines.

·       Where necessary, advise teachers on the development of Individual Education Plans which outline areas of learning, short term objectives and long-term goals

·       Develop a timetable of support that best suits the varied needs of identified learners.

·       Compile and maintain the learning support/ SEN registers and update the school database.

·       Evaluate the effectiveness of support programmes.

·       Compile, maintain and update the departmental handbook and student support handbooks as necessary.

·       Develop appropriate cross-phase and cross-curricular provision and help ensure continuity of support from Primary to Secondary School

·       Help provide induction and support for new students and their families.

·       Ensure that if the student transfers to another school, all relevant information is conveyed, and supports a smooth transition for the student.

Teaching assigned students

·       Teach identified learners according to their individual needs following best practices.

·       Monitor the learners in their mainstream classes, to further plan appropriate support.

·       Contribute to the development of the learning environment in all learning areas, creating and maintaining a comfortable, stimulating, and well-resourced environment that values learners’ achievements and promotes success and high self-esteem. 

·       Conduct student reviews and twice-yearly reports and assessments.

·       Monitor and evaluate the progress of assigned students with learning differences and special educational needs in conjunction with the class/ subject teachers. 


·       Meet regularly with the any LS/SEN staff to lead discussions, feedback and planning sessions

·       Communicate and work cooperatively with classroom/ subject teachers and EAL teachers

·       Facilitate and promote positive relationships between home and school, communicating regularly with parents and carers.

·       Report to parents at parent consultation meetings and through the end-of-year reports.

·       Be available to parents at other mutually agreed times as needed.

·       Liaise with external agencies and other schools as appropriate and support local special needs organisations. 

Professional Development

·       Participate in the school, department and individual review process (School Self-Evaluation)

·       Actively seek opportunities for CPD/ professional learning in order to keep up to date with current best practice in UK, France and worldwide

·       Attend such meetings, workshops and courses provided in school which support the School Improvement Plan

·       Participate in whole school vertical meetings with all staff

·       Provide appropriate CPD/ professional learning for colleagues as needed


·       Participate in the organisation and running of extracurricular activities, and attend and participate in the organisation of school events, productions and sporting events when required

·       Take responsibility for Health and Safety matters for the area within you teach and report any matters that are a hazard; thus ensuring that adequate safety precautions are taken with the students

·       Follow the Child Protection and Safeguarding policy at all times

·       Ensure that all behaviour issues are dealt with in accordance with the BCIS Behaviour Policy

·       Supervise areas of the school as outlined in the Supervision Duty Rota

·       Be a role model for students and ensure adherence to the Staff Code of Conduct

·       Carry out other related duties as required by the Academic Leadership Team (ALT).

This job description forms part of your Employment Agreement. It has been prepared for school organisation and may change either as your contract changes or as the organisation of the school is changed. Nothing will be changed without consultation. This document must not be altered once it has been signed but it will be reviewed annually as part of the appraisal process or as appropriate

ISP Commitment to Safeguarding Principles 

ISP is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment. All post holders are subject to appropriate vetting procedures and satisfactory Criminal Background Checks or equivalent covering the previous ten years’ employment history.


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