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Future Pathways and Careers Education Advisor

Berda Claude International School
Phuket, Phuket, Thailand
Date Added: Mar 7, 2024

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Purpose of role  

In alignment with the BCIS mission, vision and values, support students in both the Cambridge (International) and French programmes to ensure every student has access to individual careers advice to discuss tertiary options and future pathways. Future and Education Advisory Services are a vital component of students exploring their options and planning for their future.   


Responsible to                                                                                                                                             

The Cambridge and French Principals for all aspects of the role   


Responsible for  

Students and parents in the French and Cambridge programmes seeking guidance and assistance.  

Key Responsibilities  

  • Create a Careers and Education Advisory Centre on the senior campus where students, staff and parents feel welcomed and ensure that all staff are aware of the careers and education advisory services such that students can seek advice as needed.  
  • Manage a growing number of students, across Years 12 & 13, providing comprehensive information about tertiary options. 
  • Build effective, supportive, and professional relationships across all year levels students and families to promote ISP’s Amazing Learning and its career and university guidance and curriculum. 
  • Build effective, supportive, and professional relationships with internal and external stakeholders of BCIS and ISP Vietnam- Thailand to build and deliver a comprehensive guidance curriculum that is targeted to the developmental needs of specific year levels.  
  • Ensure student data including alumni tracking is entered into and regularly updated on both the BCIS and ISP career and university guidance platform systems effectively and accurately.  
  • Run events and information sessions to provide up to date information about post-school options. 
  • Lead information sessions for students, parents, and staff about university systems, procedures and deadlines as well as contribute to assemblies, workshops, and presentations to share information and guidance. 
  • Support students in their process of planning, researching, and short-listing universities, ensuring a focus on choosing the ‘best fit’ options based on individual personality, ambitions, and learning preferences. 
  • Conduct individual and small group advisory sessions as necessary for students and parents. 
  • Ensure the provision of comprehensive print resources for senior students as necessary and appropriate, and support and guide students to access online resources. 
  • Establish a coherent partnership with class and subject teachers whereby they are aware of their learners’ educational goals and aspirations. 
  • Provide information, advice and guidance to students and their parents about IGCSE and A Level options/University/Higher/Further Education course choices and career opportunities. 
  • Organise careers and higher education events for students and parents, including visiting speakers/university admissions officers. 
  • Develop relationships and liaise with universities and colleges of higher education, visiting academics, business and industry speakers and higher education contacts in Thailand and internationally, promoting BCIS students and the school. 
  • Develop and lead a senior school programme of careers education and life competencies including work experience and a careers fair. 
  • Support students in their transition from Year 9 to Year 10 and new joiners to Year 10 with guidance on their IGCSE selection.  
  • Support students in their transition from Year 11 to 12 and new joiners to Year 12 with guidance on A level subject selection based on their future aspirations in partnership with the senior leaders for curriculum.  
  • Support students in their transition from Seconde to Terminale with guidance on the choice of Enseignements de Spécialité. 
  • Offer face to face/online guidance to students and parents on and around IGCSE, AS and A level and French Baccalaureate results days. 
  • Ensure that if the student transfers to another school, all relevant information is conveyed, and support a smooth transition for the student. 
  • Explore and recommend financial aid and scholarship opportunities worldwide. 
  • Provide individual and continual feedback on drafts of students’ personal statements/essays. 
  • Coordinate, manage and review the collection of references for university applicants. 
  • Increase the understanding of all faculty staff of the university application process, especially in their roles as mentors and reference writers. 
  • Monitor university applications, including processing school-issued support documents, following up with university representatives and keeping families up to date regularly. 
  • Effectively work with both the senior and middle leadership team to plan, coordinate and execute effective campaigns that promote career and university guidance and curriculum. 
  • Work effectively and collaboratively with the Principals, Heads of Secondary (French and Cambridge), and teachers in relation to the overall well-being and welfare of students related to careers and education support. 
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the future pathways, careers and education advisory services bi-annually using the ISP Future Pathways Roadmap.  
  • Provide university guidance and education for younger year groups beginning in Year 9. 
  • Support, organize, and supervise the BCIS internship program 
  • Provide parent education programs to support parents helping their children apply and prepare for university 
  • Organise and supervise the BCIS University Fair  
  • Manage and support students’ use of University application software including Unifrog and Match 



  • Contribute communications through newsletters and university information opportunities, to relay deadlines, and other timely information. 
  • Meet regularly with social emotional counselling staff, LS/SEN teachers to participate in discussions, feedback, and planning sessions for students with individual social emotional and learning needs as they plan their options and make educational choices. 
  • Communicate and work cooperatively with classroom/ subject teachers and EAL teachers for the holistic support of all students. 
  • Compile, maintain and update a careers and education advisory handbook as necessary. 
  • Assist with the induction and support of new students and their families. 
  • Facilitate and promote positive relationships between home and school, communicating regularly with parents and carers as needed. 
  • Be available to parents at mutually agreed times as needed. 
  • Liaise with external agencies and other schools as appropriate.  


Professional Development  

  • Be a member of the Thailand international schools’ careers and university counsellors’ /advisors’ network. 
  • Network with colleagues in other French international schools globally. 
  • Take advantage of BCIS’ membership of the Council of International Schools and utilise their services as appropriate. 
  • Keep abreast of current global university trends via workshops and webinars. 
  • Attend major international admissions and guidance conferences – online and face to face as appropriate and available. 
  • Participate in the school, department, and individual review process (School Self-Evaluation) 
  • Actively seek opportunities for CPD/ professional learning to keep up to date with current best practice in UK and world-wide. 
  • Attend such meetings, workshops and courses provided in school which support the School Improvement Plan 
  • Participate in the whole school vertical meetings with primary and secondary staff. 
  • Provide appropriate CPD/ professional learning for colleagues as needed. 
  • Participate in ISP Future Pathway Leads CPD and networking events. 






  • Attend and participate in the organisation of school events, productions and sporting events when required.  
  • Take responsibility for Health and Safety matters for the area where you work and report any matters that are a hazard; thus, ensuring that adequate safety precautions are taken with the students. 
  • Always follow the Child Protection and Safeguarding policy. 
  • Ensure that all behaviour issues are dealt with in accordance with the BCIS Behaviour Policy 
  • Supervise areas of the school as outlined in the Supervision Duty Rota 
  • Be a role model for students and ensure adherence to the Staff Code of Conduct 
  • Carry out other related duties as required by the Academic Leadership Team (ALT).  





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