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Deputy Head of Secondary- Academics

Reach British School
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Date Added: May 27, 2024

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ISP Deputy Head Role Profile  
Purpose of Role  
To provide effective leadership and line management of middle leaders and teaching staff in line with the school’s vision, drivers and values and in support of the school’s continuous quality assurance cycle of self-evaluation and school development planning.  
ISP Principles  
Begin with our children and students. Our children and students are at the heart of what we do. Simply, their success is our success. Wellbeing and safety are both essential for learners and learning. Therefore, we are consistent in identifying potential safeguarding and Health & Safety issues and acting and following up on all concerns appropriately.  
Treat everyone with care and respect. We look after one another, embrace similarities and differences and promote the well-being of self and others.  
Operate effectively. We focus relentlessly on the things that are most important and will make the most difference. We apply school policies and procedures and embody the shared ideas of our community.  
Are financially responsible. We make financial choices carefully based on the needs of the children, students and our schools.   
Learn continuously. Getting better is what drives us. We positively engage with personal and professional development and school improvement.  
ISP Deputy Head Role Key Responsibilities  
Common Leadership Responsibilities – All Deputy Heads   
Admissions: Lead by example by supporting the school’s admissions process with prospective family tours and through all aspects of the customer journey including but not limited to entrance and baselines assessments. Attend all school open days as required. Follow up directly with all leaving parents and take proactive action wherever possible to retain students without creating undue or unjustifiable differences of practice with families.   
AMAR: Lead and manage all aspects of Quality Assurance as determined by the school’s Academic Monitoring Assessment and Reporting (AMAR) Policy.  
Appraisal: Manage appraisal of staff supported by appropriate evidence including but not limited to lessons observations (formal and informal; announced and unannounced drop ins as per policy) and all related aspects of AMAR.   
Duty Rota: Ensure, where appropriate, that a clear and fair staff duty rota is consistently implemented and systematically monitored and reviewed for continuous improvement to ensure the safety of all children at all times.   
Feedback: Ensure all staff provide systematic and meaningful feedback to students in line with the school’s feedback policy.   
Induction: Form Tutor / Class Teacher induction including oversight of all systems, procedures and staff handbook.   
ISP: Be available for and work closely and as required with ISP’s Director of Learning to further ensure the continuous updating and development of all pedagogical practice in line with best practice and ISP expectations   
Leadership: Provide effective leadership to year and curriculum leads.   
Learning environment: Ensure consistently high standards of displays that are conducive to inspiring and always supporting learning in line with the school’s display policy.   
Line Management (LMMs): Chair effective and regular team meetings and provide individual line management of staff as required.   
Marketing: Ensure ongoing photos and video clips involving the department are captured and shared via the school’s social media platform on a regular and systematic basis.   
Parental Complaints: Ensure to assist the Head of School and Principal with any parental complaints within the designated scope/year group of the AP role and, with the guidance of CLT, as maybe required by ADEK.   
Parent Engagement: Ensure that all meetings, events and decision making considers how parents can be further and positively engaged with the school through, but not limited to, home-school meetings and communications, weekly class and regular whole school newsletters, workshops, online communication through the school’s Management Information System (MIS) and parental portal, parent and family opening days, evenings and student progress Meetings  
Planning: Ensure continuous curriculum improvement and learning progression (transition).   
Policies: Ensure the department is fully compliant with all policies and procedures and especially those directly relating to teaching and learning to include but not limited to e.g. Behavior; Safeguarding, T&L, Assessment and Reporting and HW.   
Recruitment: Ensure the timely support of all stages of the school’s recruitment needs including interviewing, selection. onboarding and induction of new staff.   
Reporting: Lead and ensure high levels of quality, consistency including personalization and accuracy with reporting to parents.   
Safeguarding: Ensure all SG procedures and reporting are compliant with school, ISP and ADEK policy to ensure children’s safety is always the highest priority.   
SDP and SEF (Quality Assurance): Lead and contribute as required to whole school self-evaluation process in order to inform the whole school and departmental development plans  
Sharing best practice: Ensure the systematic promotion of sharing of best practice to raise the level of teaching and learning of all to ‘at least’ that of ‘good’.   
Staff wellbeing & voice: Ensure staff wellbeing and voice is respected and promoted at every opportunity by embedding an open door culture based on “support and challenge” for all staff, identifying opportunities for staff to collaborate and share ideas in an open, supportive and respectful manner.   
Training: Ensure systematic and on point training for staff to ensure the continuous improvement of teaching and learning.   
Trips & visits: Oversee the effective and efficient organisation of educational trips and visits that enhance the learning experience for students.  
Common Teaching and Learning Responsibilities – all Deputy Heads  
Plan and deliver teaching and learning activities in line with the school’s curriculum and planning (LTPs, MTPs and STPs) and to maximise student engagement, learning and progress.  
Ensure learning objectives are appropriate and always understood by students.   
Provide clear structure for lessons, maintaining good pace and challenge throughout.  
Ensure students have Minimum Target Grades (MTGs) and Aspirational Target Grades (ATGs)  
Motivate and challenge all students through effective differentiation for groups and individuals.  
Ensure there are opportunities for independent and collaborative learning.  
Ensure appropriate and engaging opportunities for learning through homework.   
Ensure there are opportunities for peer and self-assessment to support learning.   
Ensure effective behaviour and resource management.   
Use a variety of teaching strategies to personalise learning to maximise student motivation.  
Set and model high expectations at all times.   
Ensure positive behaviour management in line with school policy.  
Adapt lesson plans to meet the needs of all students including those with SEN or EAL needs.   
Ensure students know and understand key terminology at the start of all lessons.   
Adapt learning activities to support students’ SMSC needs and be reflective of the school’s focus on STEM and enterprise pathways.   
Establish a safe, supportive, attractive and stimulating learning environment.   
AMAR: Academic Monitoring, Assessment and Reporting  
Ensure effective use of assessment to assess the extent to which learning objectives have been met and how planning can be improved to further enhance learning.   
Provide students with systematic, meaningful and personalised feedback on their learning.   
Provide personalised reports fully in line with the school’s Assessment and Reporting Policy.   
Specific Responsibilities – Deputy Head (Academics)  
A. Line Management: Line management of the heads of department and NPQ(LT) candidates and academic teams.
B. Curriculum Planning: Ensure that a cohesive and consistent curriculum and planning (LTP, MTP and STPs) are in place that meets the requirements of the students from both a local and international perspective and ensure that all Heads of Department and academic staff have relevant curriculum documents and resources. :
C. Data Management: Ensure effective and ongoing oversight and management of the school’s internal and external data tracking, stories and reporting in conjunction with the Deputy Head (Data and Systems) and lead on the CPD of staff members on the effective implementation of such data in their teaching and learning.
D. AMAR: Support the Principal in ensuring the timely publication and implementation of the AMAR including timelines and communication.
E. CPD Schedule: Support the DH TLW in the creation, development and delivery of the school’s CPD schedule.
F. Procurement: Support the CLT in overseeing of Timelines, implementation and management resources
G. Timetable: Support the CLT in the timely production and dissemination of the school’s timetable ensuring, as far as is reasonably possible, that all student and staff needs are met.
H. Enrichment: Lead and oversee the design, implementation and ongoing QA of the school’s enrichment program.
I. Cover: Organise and communicate all daily cover in line with staff optimisation model
J. Staff Optimisation model: Produce and maintain the school’s staff optimisation model on a daily basis and use this to inform daily cover.
K. Duty Rota: Ensure, where appropriate, that a clear and fair staff duty rota is consistently implemented and systematically monitored and reviewed for continuous improvement to ensure the safety of all children at all times.
L. Future Pathways/Career Guidance: Ensure a robust and career guidance program, including the effective use of the school’s career program (Unifrog) is calendared and regularly shared in a timely manner with students, form tutors and parents.
M. PSHE/Global perspectives: Ensure the school’s commitment to a broad curriculum, pastoral and safeguarding priorities are supported through a highly effective program of PSHE/Global perspectives during pastoral lessons.
N. Premises & Learning Environment: Ensure the overall continuous maintenance and development of the school’s learning environment including classrooms and shared corridor and other spaces in line with the school’s vision, driver and values and in order to maximise student motivation
O. Resources & Procurement: Support the Head of School in producing a robust and systematic review of resources through staff collaboration and consultation to ensure resource needs are planned for and communicated to CLT in a timely manner.
P. Departmental Meetings and CPD (Curriculum): Ensure the timely production, continuous revision and implementation of departmental meetings and CPD schedule reflective of staff needs and informed by whole school priorities
Q. Educational Visits: Ensure the timely planning and communication of engaging academic, behaviour and reward orientated visits for all students by ensuring the school's calendar, transport arrangements, parental information including any costs, and most importantly, careful and bespoke risk assessments are carried out without exception.
R. Year 9 Options: Ensure a robust year 9 options process including excellent communication with students, form tutors and parents is implemented in the lead up to year 9 (through presentations and meetings with Year  7 and 8 students and parents) in order to maximise student engagement and retention.
S. HW Policy and Schedule: Ensure the timely publication of a balanced HW schedule in line with the school’s HW policy is consistently implemented, without any exceptions, for all year groups through the careful and systematic monitoring and evaluation of HW on a weekly basis.
T. Cover: Ensure that a transparent and equitable cover rota and allocation is consistently implemented across the school so that effective learning can continue at all times.
Other: Professional Requirements – all staff   
Establish highly effective working relationships with students, colleagues, parents and visitors.   
Set high expectations for students through personal presentation and professional conduct.  
Attend assemblies, dept meetings, parents’ evenings, school functions and other staff meetings.   
Be proactive and contribute to Development Time and Key Stage/Department teams.  
Maintain the highest professional standards in terms of personal presentation and punctuality.   
Keep up to date with current educational practice.   
Offer up to two engaging enrichment activities per week   
Always be on time and proactive with all safeguarding duties.   
Be proactive in understanding and implementing the school’s policies and procedures.   
Always meet statutory responsibilities regarding Safeguarding and Health and Safety.   
Be a commensurate professional and school ambassador during and outside school hours.   
Undertake any other task as reasonably requested by the Principal.   
Skills, Qualifications and Experience  
Minimum Educational Qualifications Required for the Role  
  • Bachelors in relevant discipline
  • Professional teacher qualification
Minimum Years of Experience Required  
  • 5 years’ experience in education* (to include attested experience letters from UAE embassy in the country of origin) *
  • 2 years’ experience in a Middle Leadership position
  • Experience as an overseas educator in a preferably inclusive international setting, well versed and current in a British curriculum
Language Skills  
  • IELTS Score of 6.0 or equivalent*
Special Skills and Abilities  
  • Teamplayer and well as being able to lead
  • Form consistently strong, healthy and effective relationships
  • Can resolve conflict kills
  • Strong empathy and interpersonal communication skills
  • A leader of teaching and learning and an ability to work collaboratively in a team
  • Strong organisational and technology skills
  • Excellent oral and written communications skills
ISP Leadership Competencies   
You consistently demonstrate and role-model the ISP Leadership Competencies in all that you do.   
  • Collaboration. Takes an active part in leading their school or region; is cooperative and a genuine team player, developing positive, supportive relationships with colleagues to solve problems and maximise opportunities.
  • Learning & Getting Better. Continually demonstrates personal commitment and passion for learning and getting better using evidence and feedback; supporting others in their continual learning, development and growth.
  • Innovation Leadership. Is good at creating an environment where ideas for learning initiatives and services are generated and is able to motivate and inspire others through the process of creation through to completion.
  • Outcome driven. Can be counted on to find solutions. Is consistently looking to exceed goals and is focused on KPIs.
  • Resilience. Can deal with setbacks and challenges calmly and effectively.
  • Community Focus. Is committed to meeting and exceeding the needs and expectations of our students and their families.
  • Integrity & Ethical Management. Has the ability to work ethically and with integrity; helps others feel valued; upholds and models the ISP Vision, Purpose and Principles.
  • Leading & Inspiring Others. Supports, encourages and inspires students, colleagues and teams so that they give their best.
  • Understanding People. Is a very good judge of talent, can objectively articulate the strengths and motivations of people inside or outside the organisation.
  • Influencing & Communication. Consistently informs, influences and inspires students, parents and colleagues through timely and effective communication.
  • Agile. Responds and adapts to changing circumstances; manages and solves problems by providing solutions in a climate of ambiguity.
  • Strategic, Commercial & Financial Awareness. Has the ability to apply understanding of the business and industry to improve effectiveness and profitability.
  • Planning & Decision Making. Makes decisions on the best course of action and then plans, organises, prioritises and balances resources to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Diversity & Equity. Has the sensitivity, awareness and skill to understand the values, behaviours, attitudes and practices across cultures that supports all children and adults to learn and work effectively.
ISP Commitment to Safeguarding Principles   
ISP is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.  
All post holders are subject to appropriate vetting procedures, including an online due diligence search, references and satisfactory Criminal Background Checks or equivalent covering the previous 10 years’ employment history.   
ISP Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging  
ISP is committed to strengthening our inclusive culture by identifying, hiring, developing, and retaining high-performing teammates regardless of gender, age, disability status, neurodivergence, socio-economic background or other demographic characteristics. Candidates who share our vision and principles and are interested in contributing to the success of ISP through this role are strongly encouraged to apply.   
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