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Head of Primary

The British School of Almeria
Almeria, Spain
Date Added: Jul 4, 2024

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Purpose of Role
As a Senior Leader, you are critical in supporting the Head of School in establishing both a School of Choice and an Employer of Choice. You report directly to your Head of School and work in active, positive collaboration with your Senior Leadership Team. You are accountable for delivering on the desired outcomes in each of the components listed below, and the ongoing development of the school and learning improvement. 
Role Specific Duties
Safeguarding and Wellbeing.  You are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of the students and adults in your area of responsibility. This includes all activities, operations and policies to ensure students and adults are kept safe both physically and mentally, removing barriers and personalising learning. You model and foster an open culture and inclusive atmosphere where everyone cares for one another and focuses on learning and getting better. You work in collaboration with your teams to gather, learn from, and act on feedback to inform your decisions in creating an inclusive learning environment. You are crucial in supporting your Head of School to ensure a safe, open, caring, collaborative and inclusive space exists for everyone to grow and develop.
Culture Building. You model your shared ideas that are underpinned by ISP’s principles and learning approach. You nurture and drive a learning-focused atmosphere in your area of responsibility. You notice, support, and provide opportunities for staff to develop professionally and personally. You acknowledge and celebrate individual successes and achievements. In collaboration with other Senior Leaders in your school, you actively support,  encourage and inspire your school community, contributing to a positive school atmosphere.
Leadership and Development. You understand your own strengths and areas for development, knowing when to take action and when to seek advice, support or mentor. You lead with vision, empathy and integrity. You actively connect, collaborate and engage with your teams and the wider school community to continually innovate and improve. You establish and monitor systems and procedures to support staff learning and motivation. You recruit, develop and retain talent. Your support for your middle leaders empowers them to effectively build and lead high-impact and collaborative teams. Your coaching and mentoring develop self-directed middle leaders and learners, who in turn are able to do the same for their own teams.
Learning and Embedding Quality. You support your Head of School, collaborate with your peers and empower your teams to focus on the quality of learning in your area of responsibility to ensure movement towards Mastering in the 9 criteria of ISP’s Learning Improvement Process. You model your own continual learning and plan and lead meaningful professional learning opportunities for your staff. You promote dialogue and reflection on learning and improvement. You facilitate and engage in professional and respectful dialogue with teachers, parents and the ISP community about learning and teaching, inspiring a shared commitment to getting better. Your teachers feel confident to have open and honest conversations about the learning of their students, their own learning and how they can get better. You and your leadership team regularly gather, document and analyse evidence of learning and use this to inform your teams’ decision-making process and work with your middle leaders to identify targets and action steps for improving learning for all.
Partnership with ISP. You are committed to working in partnership with ISP, specifically with the Regional Director of Learning and, when required, and other members of your Regional Team. You harness the potential of the ISP network through building and nurturing collaborative relationships with colleagues in other ISP schools. You understand and value ISP’s role as a trusted advisor and resource to support you in your role as a learning leader. You see the school as part of the group and articulate the added value of being an ISP school to your teams. You understand your collective responsibility to the school and ISP, successfully balancing the school’s interests with ISP’s purpose and principles.
Partnership with Parents, Carers and the wider community. You support and provide opportunities for your school community to build positive relationships. You foster a culture of partnership based on effective, regular direct communication and two-way feedback between teachers and parents. Together with your teaching teams, you help parents and carers understand the school’s shared ideas about learners and learning in ways that help them to engage confidently when talking about what their child is getting better at, what their next steps are, and how they will be supported at home. Accessible and available to parents and carers, you ensure their individual needs are understood and that they feel informed and involved as valued members of the school’s learning community. You represent your school to the wider community, third-party vendors, regulatory bodies and others, and you excel in forging and developing beneficial connections.
Communication and Admissions. You are a clear and compelling storyteller, articulating the vision and story of your division and ISP in a way that inspires parents, students and colleagues. You have a clear understanding of the learning in your area of responsibility and can effectively communicate the ways in which your school is improving the learning of the students and teachers. You contribute to both your school’s and your region’s efforts to share stories of Amazing Learning to support Admissions. You contribute to your Senior Leadership Team’s effort in using parent feedback and NPS data to guide future plans and parent/carer engagement.
Job Grade Specific to role:  Grade 3 
ISP Principles
Begin with our children and students. Our children and students are at the heart of what we do. Simply, their success is our success. Wellbeing and safety are both essential for learners and learning. Therefore, we are consistent in identifying potential safeguarding issues and acting and following up on all concerns appropriately.  
Treat everyone with care and respect. We look after one another, embrace similarities and differences and promote the well-being of self and others.
Operate effectively. We focus relentlessly on the things that are most important and will make the most difference. We apply school policies and procedures and embody the shared ideas of our community.
Are financially responsible. We make financial choices carefully based on the needs of the children, students and our schools.
Learn continuously. Getting better is what drives us. We positively engage with personal and professional development and school improvement.
ISP Senior Leaders Key Responsibilities
At ISP, everyone is a learner. As a senior leader, you model learning and a growth mindset, demonstrating a desire to learn and build on your knowledge, skills and understanding in leading learning and the learning of others. You foster the learning and growth of your leadership team, which will be fundamental to your success. 
Learner (ISP definition)  
The ISP learner recognises that their mindset, experiences and actions drive their learning outcomes. With this awareness, they exercise voice, choice, and ownership over their process of learning - leading their learning and the learning of others.  
  • Adhere to global ISP Principles and follow the criteria set out in the ISP Senior Leadership for Learning Role Profile
  • Under the reasonable direction of the Headteacher, carry out the professional duties of a school teacher as set out in the current UK Teachers’ standards document: data/file/1040274/Teachers Standards_Dec_2021.pdf 
  • Joint responsibility, with the Headteacher and the Head of Pastoral, for the academic progress and pastoral care of all pupils from FS1 to Year 6.
  • Ensure the primary school is fully prepared at all times for a successful external inspection or Best Practice Review
  • Substitute effectively in the absence of the Headteacher in conjunction with the Head of Secondary. 
Strategic Responsibilities
  • Support the vision, ethos and policies of the school, and of ISP, and promote the highest levels of achievement and attainment. 
  • Support the evaluation of the effectiveness of the school’s policies and developments. 
  • Be a key member of the SLT, attending meetings and school events  as and when necessary. 
  • In conjunction with the other members of the SLT, translate the vision into agreed objectives which are reflected in an on-going School Improvement Plan and help to monitor and evidence progress via the Self Evaluation Rubric. 
  • Plan, in line with school planning cycles, and develop appropriate mechanisms for regular monitoring and review. 
  • With the Headteacher, regularly review the appropriateness of staffing in the primary department and the curriculum offer at BSA 
Marketing and External Links
  • Maintain effective relationships with parents and other members of the community, both to ensure an excellent local reputation for the school and to develop a partnership with them.
  • Develop creative initiatives which complement the activities of the school with the result that a culture of extra-curricular and other opportunities thrive.
  • Work with the Head of Marketing, KS Leaders, SLT and the Headteacher to achieve excellent internal and external communications, including relevant parts of the School Newsflash, year books and other parental links.
  • Support the work of the Admissions and Marketing Departments in recruiting pupils
Support the Headteacher in the following:
  • Develop and maintain a culture of high expectations for self and others.
  • Develop and maintain positive working relationships with, and between, Primary staff and provide and sustain motivation.
  • Develop and maintain effective strategies and procedures for staff recruitment, induction, professional development and performance review, which deliver intended and agreed outcomes.
  • Provide training opportunities for staff in terms of their leadership and management skills.
  • Develop an ethos which ensures regular involvement of staff in school developments and encourages collaboration, innovation and individual and team creativity.
  • Ensure all primary school resources are managed strictly within allocated budgets; actively seek opportunities for cost-improvements and ensure that ‘value for money’ is at the core of all financial activities.
  • Help to elaborate an effective programme of staff training in September and June, and at other points in the academic year, in consultation with the Head of Learning, Head of Pastoral and the Head of Secondary.
  • Develop the primary timetable working in conjunction with the Head of Secondary
  • Monitor staff absence and organise suitable cover arrangements when required
  • Full involvement in the recruitment of staff
  • Ensure the TLSE appraisal system is completed and reviewed by all staff
  • Oversee the organisation and running of Primary Parents’ Evenings
  • Supervise the planning of curriculum trips and ensure that there is a balanced offer of off-site learning opportunities across subjects and phases in the secondary department
  • Assist and advise the Admissions team, particularly during visits by potential new pupils
  • Ensure adequate child protection measures and training are in force, in consultation with the DSL and Head of Pastoral (DDSL)
  • Promote Health and Safety and ensure compliance with statutory requirements, liaising directly with the Health and Safety Representative for the Group and BSA’s Health and Safety Officer.
Leading Teaching and Learning
  • Promote excellence in teaching and learning, ensuring a continuous and consistent primary school-wide focus on pupil achievement and development in order that each child fulfils his or her full potential.
  • Oversee and support in the development of the Primary PSHE programme.
  • Ensure that progress is effectively monitored through the use of performance data, benchmark data (GL assessment) and regular self-evaluation.
  • Monitor, evaluate and review classroom practice via regular learning visits to measure the impact of learning across secondary subjects; celebrate and promote excellence; challenge underperformance at all levels, both in pupils and staff, and ensure appropriate action is taken at an early stage.
  • Support the Head of Learning in ensuring that the Leading the Learning programme is embedded throughout all areas of the primary department
  • Promote pertinent, relevant and regular professional development for all staff.
  • Ensure that individual pupil progress is regularly assessed, recorded, reported and used to inform future teaching.
  • Ensure that pupil support systems are in place and promote and monitor high standards of pupils’ conduct (including dress, manners and general behaviour).
  • Cover a part-time teaching timetable in your own specialist area.
Pastoral Care 
  • Be responsible for maintaining good discipline and a high standard of uniform throughout the primary school. 
  • Ensure there is a regular programme of assemblies and tutorial activities and assist with these when required 
  • Ensure effective systems of supervision during pupil breaks and lunchtime are in place. 
  • Provide leadership (as required) in the supervision of pupil activities, both extra-curricular and social. 
  • Work with the your team to oversee and manage the school house system and related events and activities. 
  • Maintain an overview of the transition from Primary to Secondary. 
  • to develop a proactive attitude towards dealing with parents and support staff in parent meetings when required 
Qualifications and Professional Development
  • Qualified Teacher Status (PGCE or BEd or equivalent)
  • Degree level education or an equivalent professional qualification in specialist subject
  • Previous middle management or senior leadership experience within a school setting
Knowledge, Skills and Competencies
  • Thorough knowledge of the UK Primary curriculum in EYFS, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2
  • A real passion for teaching and a desire to constantly improve their pupils´ learning 
  • Strong organisational skills
  • Experience in the development and implementation of new initiatives and programmes
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Enthusiasm and commitment to the successful development of the Primary department
ISP Leadership Competencies
You consistently demonstrate and role-model the ISP Leadership Competencies in all that you do.   
  1. Collaboration. Takes an active part in leading their school or region; is cooperative and a genuine team player, developing positive, supportive relationships with colleagues to solve problems and maximise opportunities.
  2. Learning & Getting Better. Continually demonstrates personal commitment and passion for learning and getting better using evidence and feedback; supporting others in their continual learning, development and growth.
  3. Innovation Leadership. Is good at creating an environment where ideas for learning initiatives and services are generated and is able to motivate and inspire others through the process of creation through to completion.
  4. Outcome driven. Can be counted on to find solutions. Is consistently looking to exceed goals and is focused on KPIs.
  5. Resilience. Can deal with setbacks and challenges calmly and effectively.
  6. Community Focus. Is committed to meeting and exceeding the needs and expectations of our students and their families.
  7. Integrity & Ethical Management. Has the ability to work ethically and with integrity; helps others feel valued; upholds and models the ISP Vision, Purpose and Principles.
  8. Leading & Inspiring Others. Supports, encourages and inspires students, colleagues and teams so that they give their best.
  9. Understanding People. Is a very good judge of talent, can objectively articulate the strengths and motivations of people inside or outside the organisation.
  10. Influencing & Communication. Consistently informs, influences and inspires students, parents and colleagues through timely and effective communication.
  11. Agile. Responds and adapts to changing circumstances; manages and solves problems by providing solutions in a climate of ambiguity.
  12. Strategic, Commercial & Financial Awareness. Has the ability to apply understanding of the business and industry to improve effectiveness and profitability.
  13. Planning & Decision Making. Makes decisions on the best course of action and then plans, organises, prioritises and balances resources to achieve the desired outcome.
  14. Diversity & Equity. Has the sensitivity, awareness and skill to understand the values, behaviours, attitudes and practices across cultures that supports all children and adults to learn and work effectively.
Supporting the work of ISP
  • Support the Headteacher in ensuring that the school is, at all times, managed within the overall legal and regulatory framework and that ISP policies are effectively implemented.
  • Develop strong, positive relationships with other ISP colleagues; contribute to collaborative work across ISP schools.
  • Represent BSA at appropriate events e.g. Nabss conference, SLT conferences.
ISP Commitment to Safeguarding Principles
ISP is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment. All post holders are subject to appropriate vetting procedures and satisfactory Criminal Background Checks or equivalent covering the previous 10 years employment history.
All applicants who have previously taught in the United Kingdom are required to submit an ICPC certificate prior to their start date.
ISP Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging
ISP is committed to strengthening our inclusive culture by identifying, hiring, developing, and retaining high-performing teammates regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender expression, age, disability status, neurodivergence, socio-economic background or other demographic characteristics. Candidates who share our vision and principles and are interested in contributing to the success of ISP through this role are strongly encouraged to apply.  
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