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Assistant Teacher

Tenby International School Tropicana Aman
Selangor, Malaysia
Date Added: Jul 10, 2024

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A Great Learning Opportunity Awaits you in Malaysia!  
Tenby International School, Tropicana Aman (TTA) is proud to be part of International Schools Partnership (ISP) a fast-growing global schools’ group in six clusters across the world; Europe, Mexico & Central America, the Middle East, South America, Southeast Asia, and the USA. Our regional cluster includes other Tenby schools across Malaysia.   
About us 
Opening in 2018, TTA is on a purpose-built campus located in an attractive green setting in a suburban area of Tropicana Aman, just outside of Kuala Lumpur. With currently 500+ students on role, age 3 -16 across primary and secondary, our vibrant and dynamic school continues to grow and has already fostered a happy atmosphere and strong sense of community. 
Our leaders in all schools across Malaysia promote a supportive environment where staff feel determined to do their best and where both effort and achievement are warmly acknowledged. At all levels, our learning clusters provide opportunities for staff to show curiosity, excellence, commitment, integrity, respect and care. Staff and leaders from all schools within the region meet frequently to share outstanding practice and ideas, support each other, and provide learning resources.   
Key Roles: 
To work under the guidance of teaching/senior staff and within an agreed system of supervision, to implement agreed work programmes or enable access to learning with individuals/groups, in or out of the classroom. This could include those requiring detailed and specialist knowledge in particular areas and will involve assisting the teachers in the whole planning cycle and the management/preparation of resources. 
To lead and maintain positive and enjoyable break times for pupils including organising and participating in physical games and activities. 
To contribute to the whole school ethos, environment and organisation both practically and as a positive role model for pupils and colleagues. 
Staff may also supervise whole classes (with a colleague if requested) during the short-term absence of teachers. The primary focus will be to maintain good order and to keep pupils on task. In providing cover supervision Assistant Teachers will need to respond to questions and generally assist pupils to undertake teacher-prepared activities. 
Specific Duties and Responsibilities 
1. Support for Pupils 
  • To support pupils’ development and promote independence in a safe, secure, challenging environment employing strategies to recognise and reward achievement of self-reliance. 
  • To support the learning of individuals and groups of pupils as identified in the weekly curriculum planning and to act as a role model, setting high expectations. 
  • To focus on individual pupils to ensure their needs are being met within the group. 
  • To encourage pupils to interact and work cooperatively with others. 
  • To observe, record and support the development and progress of pupils to identify individual needs and difficulties and to feedback to pupils in relation to their progress and achievement. 
  • To promote the inclusion and acceptance of all pupils within the classroom. 
  • To participate in pupils' play and extend and stimulate language through conversation. 
2. Support for Teachers 
  • To plan with teachers the daily/weekly programme of lessons, activities and events to support pupils and adjust lessons/work plans as appropriate. 
  • Occasional supervision of the class during short term absences of teachers, focusing on maintaining good order and to keep pupils on task under the guidance of teaching staff and within an agreed system of supervision. 
  • To liaise with other professionals to ensure an appropriate learning environment. 
  • To set out, prepare, use and tidy equipment. 
  • To promote home school partnerships. 
  • To listen, support and discuss issues sensitively with parents and carers under the teacher’s supervision and to participate in feedback sessions/meetings with parents. 
  • To monitor and evaluate pupil’s responses to learning activities through observation and planned recording of achievement against pre-determined learning objectives. 
  • To provide objective and accurate feedback and reports as required to the teacher on pupil achievement progress and other matters ensuring the availability of appropriate evidence. 
  • To be responsible for keeping and updating records as agreed with the teacher, contributing to reviews of systems/records as required. 
  • In class to undertake marking of pupils work as agreed with the teacher and accurately record achievement/progress. 
  • To administer and assess routine tests and assist in the invigilation of exams/tests as agreed with the teacher. 
  • To provide general clerical support, e.g. administer coursework, produce worksheets for agreed activities, photocopying. filing, receiving and passing money to the school office etc. 
  • To work with an established discipline policy to anticipate and manage behaviour constructively, promoting self-control and independence. 
3. Support for the Curriculum 
  • To prepare, plan and manage specific activities/teaching programmes, adjusting activities according to pupils’ responses/needs. 
  • To set out and prepare equipment indoors and outdoors. 
  • To support the use of ICT in learning activities and develop pupils’ competence and independence in its use. 
  • To help pupils access learning activities through specialist support. 
  • To determine the need for, prepare and maintain general and specialist equipment and resources. 
4. Support for the School 
  • To promote the policies and ethos of the school, e.g. personal and social and to promote positive values, attitudes and good pupil behaviour, dealing promptly with conflict and incidents in line with established policy and encouraging pupils to take responsibility for their own behaviour. 
  • To display pupil’s work to reflect their achievement. 
  • To supervise pupils on outings and visits as required. 
  • To supervise pupils at break/lunchtimes. 
  • To attend staff meetings as required. 
  • To be aware of and comply with policies and procedures relating to child protection, health, safety and security and to refer all concerns to the Primary Leadership Team, receiving training where necessary from the school. 
  • To treat all information relating to a pupil as strictly confidential, and to be aware of and comply with school policy and practice, receiving training where necessary from the school. 
  • To be a proactive member of the school and class team. 
  • To participate positively and professionally in effective relationships with team members. 
  • To establish constructive relationships and communicate with other agencies/professionals. in liaison with the teacher, to support achievement and progress of pupils. 
  • To take an active role in school enrichment activities (C.A.S.E). 
5. Support for the Assistant Teacher 
  • To attend relevant courses and learning activities provided by the school to update knowledge as required. 
  • To take opportunities to develop own areas of interest and expertise and to use these to advise and support others or to organise specific projects. 
The Assistant Teacher may be called upon to perform other duties that the Headteacher / Head of Primary considers reasonable. 
ISP Principal Competencies
Begin with our children and students. Our children and students are at the heart of what we do. Simply, their success is our success. Wellbeing and safety are both essential for learners and learning. Therefore, we are consistent in identifying potential safeguarding issues and acting and following up on all concerns appropriately.   
Treat everyone with care and respect. We look after one another, embrace similarities and differences and promote the well-being of self and others.   
Operate effectively. We focus relentlessly on the things that are most important and will make the most difference. We apply school policies and procedures and embody the shared ideas of our community.   
Learn continuously. Getting better is what drives us. We positively engage with personal and professional development and school improvement.   
ISP Leadership Competencies
  • Collaboration. Takes an active part in leading their school or region; is cooperative and a genuine team player, developing positive, supportive relationships with colleagues to solve problems and maximise opportunities.
  • Learning & Getting Better. Continually demonstrates personal commitment and passion for learning and getting better using evidence and feedback; supporting others in their continual learning, development and growth.
  • Innovation Leadership. Is good at creating an environment where ideas for learning initiatives and services are generated and is able to motivate and inspire others through the process of creation through to completion.
  • Outcome driven. Can be counted on to find solutions. Is consistently looking to exceed goals and is focused on KPIs.
  • Resilience. Can deal with setbacks and challenges calmly and effectively.
  • Community Focus. Is committed to meeting and exceeding the needs and expectations of our students and their families.
  • Integrity & Ethical Management. Has the ability to work ethically and with integrity; helps others feel valued; upholds and models the ISP Vision, Purpose and Principles.
  • Leading & Inspiring Others. Supports, encourages and inspires students, colleagues and teams so that they give their best.
  • Understanding People. Is a very good judge of talent, can objectively articulate the strengths and motivations of people inside or outside the organisation.
  • Influencing & Communication. Consistently informs, influences and inspires students, parents and colleagues through timely and effective communication.
  • Agile. Responds and adapts to changing circumstances; manages and solves problems by providing solutions in a climate of ambiguity.
  • Strategic, Commercial & Financial Awareness. Has the ability to apply understanding of the business and industry to improve effectiveness and profitability.
  • Planning & Decision Making. Makes decisions on the best course of action and then plans, organises, prioritises and balances resources to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Diversity & Equity. Has the sensitivity, awareness and skill to understand the values, behaviours, attitudes and practices across cultures that supports all children and adults to learn and work effectively.
ISP Commitment to Safeguarding Principles
ISP is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.
All post holders are subject to appropriate vetting procedures, including an online due diligence search, references and satisfactory Criminal Background Checks or equivalent covering the previous 10 years’ employment history. 
ISP Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging
ISP is committed to strengthening our inclusive culture by identifying, hiring, developing, and retaining high-performing teammates regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender expression, age, disability status, neurodivergence, socio-economic background or other demographic characteristics. Candidates who share our vision and principles and are interested in contributing to the success of ISP through this role are strongly encouraged to apply.
The closing date is 30th August 2024 although interested candidates are strongly encouraged to submit their applications [email protected]. Please visit our website to find out more about the school: 

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