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Campus Principal

ISP Malaysia
Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia
Date Added: Jun 24, 2022

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The International Schools Partnership (ISP) is a growing group of committed colleagues, in financially responsible schools around the world, all of which aim to be the school of choice in their local area. Learning is at the heart of    everything we do for our students, colleagues, and parents. We are committed to getting better, all the time.

ISP was founded by an experienced team of committed educationalists and operators who have worked together over many years. Our growing group of private schools located in the UK, the USA, Canada, Spain, Italy, Switzerland Costa Rica, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru and Vietnam educate children and students from 2–18 years of age.  We have now expanded to 60 schools in 16 countries that employ over 8,000 employees and deliver multiple curricula to over 50,000 students.

We believe that successful schools are the ones that put learning at the heart of everything they do, always aiming to create rounded individuals that can forge successful careers and lives, in a rapidly changing world. Our goal is to enable our schools to be the leading school of choice in their local area. At ISP we continue to engage with schools around the world that are interested in becoming part of our global group of schools and look forward to welcoming more students and sta to the group.

ISP in Malaysia
: ISP operates Asia Pacific Schools, Straits International Schools and Tenby Schools where we are strategically located covering the Klang Valley, Perak, Penang and Johor within Malaysia. Our experience in education excellence helps us provide amazing learning experiences for students as young as 3 years up to 18 years old.  The nine (9) ISP schools Malaysia follows the international school curriculum comprising IGCSE and A-levels, starting at kindergarten level, while five (5) of the schools also offer the Malaysian National Curriculum.  While the national and international schools and classrooms are separated, facilities and non-curricular activities are shared between the schools.  With over 8,000 students, we have a 60-year history in the country providing education to students and have gained a reputation for excellence and high standards in education.

What unites all ISP schools is a common purpose of enabling moments of Amazing Learning, where a student goes beyond the level they thought possible and amaze themselves with the progress they have made. We believe that by providing our students opportunities to learn through a good struggle, they will develop the perseverance and resilience necessary to independently overcome any challenges that lie in their way.

Tenby Schools Setia Eco Park

Tenby Schools Setia Eco Park is part of ISP’s dynamic network of schools across the globe. We are one of the most well-known schools in the Klang Valley, located in the award-winning Setia Eco Park development.  The school's campus is a 20-acre green space with great facilities that provides excellent facilities and offers a welcoming, inclusive and exciting work environment. 

We are extremely proud to be the flagship school in the region.  Here we understand that effective learning is more than just academic achievement. We hold firmly to nurturing the whole person, and meeting our students’ physical, mental and emotional needs in order to develop valuable life skills for success.

We are a unique campus, home to Tenby International School, which consists of a Primary, and Secondary School (IPC, National Curriculum for England, CIE, IGCSE and A Level) and a Malaysian Private School, Sekolah Sri Tenby (Malaysian National Curriculum). The campus welcomes over 2000 amazing students, aged from 3 to 18 years and from 38 nationalities; with 1400 attending the international school, 600 of whom will be in the primary school. We celebrate being Asian and love the fact that we combine international thinking to create a diverse and exciting campus.

Key Responsibilities of Campus Principal/Head of School:

  • Wellbeing and safety. You are responsible for the safety and well-being for all students and adults in your school.  This includes all activities, functions and policies to ensure students and adults are kept safe both physically and mentally enabling them to learn without barriers. You model and foster an open culture and inclusive atmosphere where everyone looks out for one another and focuses on learning and getting better. You work in partnership with your leadership team and colleagues to learn from their feedback and you collaborate on action plans and improvements. Your school is a welcoming, safe, supportive and inspiring space for everyone to grow and develop.  
  • Learning and Embedding Quality. You empower your teachers to focus on the quality of learning in your school, working in partnership with them to ensure progress towards the 9 criteria in the ISP Learning Improvement Process. Where applicable, you use the process to support your school’s accreditation(s) and external reviews. You see the quality of learning across all 5 key pillars of the learning offering as integral to the success of your school and its position as a School of Choice within the local community. Teachers’ professional learning and development thrives under your stewardship of the school. You facilitate and engage in a professional and respectful dialogue with teachers, parents and the ISP community about learning and teaching, inspiring a shared commitment to getting better. Your teachers feel confident to have open and honest conversations about the learning of their students, their own learning and how they can get better. You regularly gather, document and analyse evidence of learning from around your school and use this to inform your decision-making process and work with your teachers to identify targets and action steps for improving learning. Parents/carers and students recognise and endorse the school for Amazing Learning.
  • Leadership and Development. You lead your school with vision, empathy and integrity. You connect, collaborate and engage with colleagues throughout the school and the wider ISP organisation intentionally and have a clear understanding of what is going on across all functions. You understand your own strengths and areas for development, knowing when to push ahead and when to seek out advice, support or mentorship. You recruit, develop and retain talent. You identify who to bring together to leverage skills and ability and you use this to build and empower high calibre senior and middle leadership teams. You are attuned to the needs of others, helping to discover, nurture and amplify employees’ strengths and inspiring your leadership team to do the same.
  • Vision and Strategy. You are fully focused on the ISP Vision of Schools of Choice. You use your own insight and knowledge and seek others’ input to understand what this means within your local context. You create and lead on this strategy in partnership with your senior leadership team and ISP.  You align with and model the ISP Purpose and Principles ensuring these are at the heart of your school strategy as well as visible through your daily actions and the actions of your leadership team and colleagues. You make public commitments to learning and getting better through transparency, communication and action. 
  • Marketing, Admissions and Communication. You are a clear and compelling storyteller, articulating the vision and story of your school and ISP in a way that inspires parents, students and colleagues. You have a clear understanding of your school’s market, new and existing target audiences and understand how best to reach and engage with them, consistently tailoring and personalising your message and differentiators as appropriate. You work closely with ISP regional marketing to optimise the branding of your school and communicate an inspiring vision of the offering to attract the right families and students as well as making current families ambassadors for the school. With the support of ISP regional admissions, you ensure that families have the best and most personalised experience possible during the admissions process, maintaining a high lead to enrolment conversion rate. This all translates into enrolment growth and student retention. You use parent feedback and sentiment to guide future plans and parent engagement.
  • Commercial Success and KPIs. You see the school as your business to nurture and grow. You understand your commercial responsibility for the school as Head, co-creating, owning and taking responsibility for your school delivering on its targets and KPIs (financial, learning, people, marketing, health & safety and safeguarding). You successfully lead your team and organise and manage resources to drive profitability. You specifically monitor and communicate progress towards enrolment growth and income generation KPIs, thereby facilitating the achievement of your school’s financial goals. You identify and implement new and improved ways of doing things that have a demonstrable impact on the school’s success. Through the school’s finance team, you ensure fees are paid promptly and that any debts are managed and recovered appropriately, with sensitivity to individual situations. As well as enrolment growth, you recognise the importance of student retention as a priority and this focus feeds your approach to building parent relationships. You drive the delivery of the parent and employee NPS and engagement surveys, taking action where improvement is needed and to ensure good becomes even better.
  • Partnership with ISP. You are committed to working in partnership with ISP. You understand, value and articulate ISP’s role as a trusted advisor and resource to support you in building and creating your School of Choice. You work collaboratively and effectively with your RMD and the regional functional leads. You and your school team see the school as part of ISP and articulate the wider benefits of being an ISP school to your team. You understand your collective responsibility to the school and ISP, successfully balancing the school’s interests with the ISP vision and strategy and asserting yourself confidently and with consideration and respect for others’ views.
  • Partnership with Parents, Carers and the wider community. You lead the school in the building of effective relationships. You understand our students and their families, their expectations and their future requirements and you focus on identifying opportunities to provide value to students and their families beyond their expectations. As well as the formal mechanisms, such as surveys and assessments, you foster a culture of partnership based on effective, regular direct communication and two-way feedback between teachers and parents. Together with your teaching team you help parents and carers understand the school’s shared ideas about learners and learning in ways that help them to engage confidently when talking about what their child is getting better at, what their next steps are, and how they will be supported at home. Accessible and available to parents and carers, you ensure their individual needs are understood and that they feel informed and involved as valued members of the school’s learning community. You are the face of your school to a wider community of employers, third party vendors, regulatory bodies and others and you excel in forging and developing beneficial connections
Person Specifications:
  • Minimum 5 years’ successful and relevant experience in a position of school leadership
  • Qualified teacher StatusOverseas teaching experience, Asia preferred
  • Evidence of relevant Continuous Professional
  • Proven commercial experience and track record of growing the school
  • Collaborative leadership style, with excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Key benefits

  • A culture of engagement and trust, where staff contributions are recognised and valued.
  • A passionate and motivated team of professionals who put children at the heart of decision-making.
  • An embedded whole campus commitment to professional development and a commitment to serving others.
  • A peer network of like-minded teaching colleagues and support from non-academic staff. 
  • Access to expertise, best practice sharing and learning opportunities across countries and cultures. 
  • A commitment to employee well-being. 

We also offer:

  • Competitive remuneration and benefits
  • Pension fund contribution to an Employee Provident Fund (EPF)
  • Fee discount for children of employees
  • Medical outpatient and insurance benefits
  • Personal Accident insurance coverage
  • Annual flight home and shipping allowance at the beginning and end of the contract. 

Safeguarding and Safer Recruitment

ISP is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment. All post holders are subject to appropriate vetting procedures and satisfactory Criminal Background Checks or equivalent, covering the previous 10 years employment history.


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